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European Cuisine Certificate

People who love to taste an array of different meals which usually compose of meat, and deep fried foods will highly like to dine in the European cuisine. This is very important for people who want to enjoy a wide range of different delicacies. The European cuisine will compose of different countries and this will begin in a blend of beef, rabbit, vegetables, pasta, and fruits. This shall also include pies, good wine and other varieties of drinks.

If you love to deal with loads of meat products, you shall find that this is a highly delicate cuisine that shall offer you a wide range of different meat substances.

 This shall include the boiled ones, the fried ones and even the smoked options. There are different ways of preparing it based on the country of origin. The way the Germans will prepare it will be different from the way the Mexicans will prepare it. This is why you shall find the menu is directed based on the country of origin. Some of the cooking styles are the same and you shall only find it is much easier and effective when you choose the variety you are used to.

The breakfast will usually compose of the English setting. This is a combination of bacon, sausages, eggs, bread, milk, strong tea, fruits and water. This is too much for some people. However, if you have a busy day and you are not sure if you shall have time to eat, you will find this as the best breakfast option. When it comes to lunch some people will opt for the quick snacks like fruit and vegetable salads. Some will stick for the heavy foodstuffs and this shall include beef steaks with a mixture of rice or pasta. This is made using different styles and presentation details.

For supper, the European cuisine will usually have a three course meal. This shall include the appetizer, which is a soup made from different herbs or vegetables, severed with bread, or the traditional bread. The main dish will include a mixture of light vegetables and the loads of meat and other varieties. This is usually the norm in many occasions. The table is usually filled with different foods and you can choose the offer that you like. If you are in need for detoxification, you can decide to sue the different varieties of sups, with a mixture of bones from lambs, or rabbits. The dessert also comes in handy and this shall depend with the occasions. The European cuisine dessert shall mainly include cake, ice cream, custard, or wine. This will be served after the main meal.

There are people who want to try out the different European cuisine drinks. The finest wines and brandy in the world come from this region. This is the reason why they are highly priced. You shall have the chance of dining with wines from the 17th century and you shall enjoy the lasting and appealing nature of the tasty wine. It takes time for one to learn and know more about the European cuisine perfectly.


Academic Credits: Equal to 1 ECTS

IMPORTANT: Students who do 4 certificates will get “Mini-Diploma in European Culinary Arts" - "Equal to 4ECTS” 

Study Method: This program can be done 100% ONLINE and within 7 days.

STUDY FEE: please check fee page.

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