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Homemade Bread

European Bread Baking Course

Over the centers, the mode of making bread has changed. You will find that some have gone a long way too many centuries back. Creating and making bread is an art. There are some areas in the world that have used the same old methods which shall include baking using charcoal stoves and ovens. It is not easy for some people to execute it and at times, it will make a lot of time but will give you good results.

Online Course

In traditional European nature, traditional bread baking usually involved the use of ovens made from bricks and one would add firewood in order to light it up. There were different sections and this will allow one to invest in different types and designs of bread. This is the reason that led to the creation of bigger bread that would serve many people. Some are very large and some were smaller.

Traditional bread baking usually focused on a different version of the bread. Some were used for breakfast and some were effective for dinner. At first, it was hard to come up with the right taste. Some used to have too much sugar and some did not have any sugar. Luckily, with experience and trying out different varieties, traditional bread became modern bread which is very popular all over the globe. You will find some people will choose to use it for different reasons.

The ingredients of the traditional bread usually included wheat flour, sugar, margarine, milk, water, cheese, eggs, and traditional herbs from trees in order to give it the extra cheese. Some regions in the world would prefer to use jam, peanuts, or raisins in the creation of their bread. However, this would depend on the time of serving. Those that wanted it for breakfast would use the one that had sweeteners. Those that would want to eat it with soup or for dinner would use the one that had the herbs.

The preparation of traditional bread making would take a long time. This is because it was prepared in bulk and kneading the dough would need many people. The oven was very large and it would have been a waste to only use it to make one piece of bread. It would rest overnight in order for it to raise. This would then influence the creation of different shapes. Some were very thin and long and some were blocked. The baling would take like one hour and some would be served when hot.

Those who wanted it to show would add the coating of eggs in order to give an appealing crust. If you wanted to add more details, you would sprinkle cheese and other fruits in order to create bread made from fruits. There are different ways that cultures would invest in the creation of bread. This is the reason why bread has been there since time immemorial and some people will still prefer to use the traditional mode of making bread in order to get the best results.


Academic Credits: Equal to 1 ECTS

IMPORTANT: Students who do 4 certificates will get “Mini-Diploma in European Culinary Arts" - "Equal to 4ECTS” 

Study Method: This program can be done 100% ONLINE and within 7 days.

STUDY FEE: please check fee page.

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